Apple, Just Give Up!

Apple announced their earnings tonight. Apple is not known for their computers any more but rather their phones. The company sold 47 million iPhones, but only 9.7 million iPads (a 6 percent decrease over last year) and only 5.3 million Mac computers (a 2 percent decrease).

Mac computers make up about 8% of all computers, while Windows computers make up 87%. This is why our company only focuses on Windows computers. You get more value for your money and they are easier to repair.

In fact, Apple announced that late-2017 and newer Macs will require Apple authorized service centers to service them. If you use a third party, the T2 security chip in these computers will disable the Mac if you didn’t go through the service center. Besides the Apple Stores, there are only 2 other authorized service centers in the Twin Cities, and they typically have to send the computers to Apple. At Strike Twice Computers, we provide “lightning-fast” service, with no repair taking more than 3 days and everything is done inhouse. Please call us at 952-939-0174 if you have any needs.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Scary Good Deals!

“Treat” yourself to a newer computer this Halloween. We have over 50 laptops and 30 desktop computers from which to choose. Today, we even lowered prices on some laptops by $100. Please call us at 952-939-0174 or stop by for more information. We have “scary” good deals this month!

– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Why Not Apple Computers?

Strike Twice Computers has been in business 30 years. I decided to focus on DOS and Windows computers, which make up the lion share of the computer market. Apple makes up 7.4% of all computers, while Windows PCs dominate with 83% of the market share. The remaining 9% is oddball operating systems like Linux and such.
I dislike Apple computers because one company (Apple) controls the operating system and the hardware. With no competition, they can charge higher prices and it is difficult to get parts or service. In the Windows world, you can buy a computer for as low as $149 and find parts and service everywhere! Even Apple screws and parts are special. I had to buy a special screwdriver to see the damage done to a Macbook Pro my daughter spilled water on. I once was hired to replace a hard drive in a Macbook laptop. What usually takes 5 minutes and a few screws on a Windows laptop took one hour and a dozen screws with the Mac.
Recently, Apple announced that 2018 and newer Macbook Pros and iMac Pros will have software locks that will effectively prevent independent and third-party repair shops from working on Apple computers. Only Apple Authorized Service Centers will be able to work on your computers…for a hefty price. And that’s why we don’t work on or sell Apple computers.
Need help with your Windows computer? Please call us at 952-939-0174.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Save Yourself Time and Frustration!

Today, a new customer brought in her company’s main computer. Her Quickbooks accounting software wouldn’t open last week and now her Outlook e-mail software wouldn’t start either. A couple of fellow employees who are self-proclaimed computer “experts” spent a week trying to fix these two problems.
With payday arriving tomorrow, she brought the computer to us this morning. We fixed it within a few hours (2 billable hours) and returned it to her in time for payroll. The computer was very slow and could also benefit from a solid-state hard drive and more memory. A happy customer, she will return for that work later after the employees get paid. Got a tough problem? Leave it to us and save yourself time and frustration. Please call us at 952-939-0174.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Backup, Backup, Backup!

I am heading out tomorrow for a 10-day vacation to Boise, Idaho; Yellowstone; and Salt Lake City. As a business owner, I try to make sure things will run smoothly while I am gone. I have cloned our computers’ hard drives and put them in our safe to have backups handy. I rotated our external backup hard drive and put the other one at my home, also in a safe. I have reindexed and checked the integrity of our customer databases and accounting software. I have ordered inventory. It’s a lot of work to go on a vacation.

If you need help having a disaster recovery plan in place for your computers or setting up a backup system, please call us at 952-939-0174.

– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Credit for Your Old Stuff!

We give credit for your old laptops, desktops, printers or monitors. If your equipment is less than 5 years old, it might have value as a credit towards a newer computer. If you buy something from us, we can be even more generous. Please call us a quote at 952-939-0174.

Time to Move On?

Sometimes you just have to move on. We have had several customers whose computers have not kept up with them. In 17 months, Windows 7 won’t be supported by Microsoft any more. What does that mean? No security updates and more susceptibility to viruses and hackers.

Anyone with a Windows 7 computer needing more than $100 repairs, we encourage to move on to one of our fine used or new computers. We also have seen customers with new computers from a superstore that need a lot of maintenance or upgrades just to make them function better. All of our used computers have solid-state (SSD) drives in them so they are faster and more reliable. We also don’t install trial software or junkware to muddy up your computer. They are lean mean from the start! Please call us at 952-939-0174 or stop in today.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Fair Price…Plus Great Service!

Prime Day is going on right now, offering discounts on lots of stuff at Amazon. Their website even crashed the first few hours due to the volume of shoppers. Last week I had a customer wanting us to beat Amazon’s price on a solid-state hard drive. I reluctantly did (which would profit me $5!). I spent a half hour texting back and forth with the customer. In the end, she ended up using some Amazon credits to buy it and I lost about $70 of productivity trying to make $5.

Strike Twice Computers is like a convenience store or emergency room. We provide immediate, knowledgeable service…plus some of our prices are quite reasonable. If you just want the lowest price on a computer product and know what you want or need, then go somewhere else. If you want professional advice and immediate service, then we are your guys! Our prices are good too. For example, we have a 3-month old laptop for $1,299 that is $800 below Dell’s current price on an identical unit! Plus we have Windows 10 computers for just $149. Stop by or see our website at or call us at 952-939-0174.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even with Your PC!

We had a customer bring in his laptop yesterday. He had gotten angry at it and hit his laptop so hard, he made the hard drive fail. Typically, data recovery firms charge thousands of dollars to get your data back. We tried a couple of our tools and got his files back. We could not save his operating system and programs, so we had to install Windows 10 from scratch. We used a solid-state hard drive, or SSD, which uses memory to store your files. If he hits the laptop again, the drive won’t fail.

For $600, we recovered his files, reinstalled the operating system and made his computer faster with the SSD drive. Don’t get mad at your computer; let us take care of it. Please call us at 952-939-0174.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Backup Interruptus

My new home laptop arrived today. I use two backup systems with my home computer. Windows 10 has a very nice backup system called File History. File History takes “snapshots” of your files every hour. You can then restore a file or folder to a version from days ago. I use that and also AOMEI Backupper. Unfortunately, no backup system is proven until you try to restore your files with it.

Usually, I clone my entire hard drive but my old computer used a new drive technology that doesn’t lend itself to being cloned. I tried to use File History to restore my files to my new computer but it wouldn’t work. I then tried to use AOMEI Backupper to restore my files. Again, some technical glitches. I got my files restored but after several hours of work. No backup system can be trusted until you actually try to restore files from it. We can help you set up your own backup system. Please call us at 952-939-0174.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner