Don’t Clown Around with a Cheap Computer

Don’t clown around with the Christmas specials on laptops. Most often, these are toys. I saw that Best Buy and Target have a $149 and $179 laptop on sale. They each have 2GB of memory. Our used laptops have 4GB to 16GB of memory, which makes them faster.

These budget laptops on sale also have a 32GB hard drive. Our laptops have at least a 180GB hard drive (which is an expensive and faster solid-state drive) up to 1000GB. A 32GB drive has very little space left on it after Windows is installed on it. Expect to run out of space real quick when you add music, documents, and pictures.

On top of that, these laptops have a slow Celeron processor on it. Expect web sites, videos and music to pause and hiccup as you use it on these toys.

We have found that these cheapo computers cannot have their memory nor hard drive upgraded. Is it a deal at $149? We don’t think so. We have laptops at $199 that are a better investment than a “Black Friday” special. Please check them out at…/0Bw5m_tQB2X5TTG9iYjhWSWxPY2s/view


As we wrap up 2017, I have to pause and be thankful for all I have. Not material things, although those can be nice.

I am thankful for customers who return to Strike Twice Computers to have us serve them. With their purchases, I can support my family (and 2 cats!) and try to live a middle-income life in the greatest , safest country in the world.

I am grateful for seeing the sun rise everyday and the beauty of the changing seasons. I am grateful to be able to exercise and move around where others are unable to.

Some things are out of my control and I just have to accept that. But I take pause every day to be grateful and I encourage you to do the same. People who reflect on the positive aspects of their life live longer and are happier.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

It seems like the cyber threats are everywhere. Phishing e-mails, hacked credit reports, popup ads asking you to call a toll-free number for “help”, etc.

I’ve been taking an “ethical hacking” course lately (boring!). They talk about a layered defense to computer security. You are not going to stop everything and everyone that wants onto your computer or into your network. So you do a strategic withdrawal (e.g. retreat). You make sure your antivirus is up to date. You make sure your firewall is turned on. You make sure your router is up to date and its most current firmware is installed. You make sure Windows is updated. You make sure your software programs are updated. You make sure your backup system is in place and working.

A computer tuneup from Strike Twice Computers can take care of most of these items. Only $99.99 instead of $139.99! What is your peace of mind worth?

Computers Age

Computers do age. This picture shows “burst” capacitors. The capacitor is a part of the main circuit board in a laptop or desktop computer. When people talk about erratic behavior such as a computer not always starting, we check for burst capacitors. The older a computer, the more likely these parts have worn out. Our new ultra-durable desktop computers that we build to suit have special capacitors that don’t age. Come in for a free diagnosis to have your capacitors checked out.
– Keith Aleshire, Owner

Computers are Hazardous Waste

Computers contain hazardous waste, such as cadmium, lead, etc. We like to recycle as much as we can at Strike Twice Computers. We charge $10 per item to responsibly dispose of your unneeded computer “junk.” If your items have value, we may even pay you for them. Please call us at 952-939-0174 to discuss. Think green!